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Learn to Crochet and Make these Cute Bobble Hat Egg Cosies

This "Learn to Crochet" project is one of my "Beginners" series and in this tutorial you'll learn how to make a slip knot, a foundation chain and then then work a straight piece of crochet using the (UK) treble stitch.

My Beginners tutorials are based on my tried and tested live workshops and there are both Left and Right Handed versions of the video, where I take you through from the very beginning to finishing off your ends.

Although this YouTube tutorial is aimed at Beginners, it's also a handy project to make if you can already crochet, but struggle with keeping the edges of your edges straight, as I cover that too.

I'll take you step-by-step the first 4 rows, then show you how to crochet 2 layers of crochet together which joins up the back seam, then how to make the mini pom-pom and attach it on top!

Just scroll down for the materials and choose which version of the video is best for you.


Small quantities of (UK weight) Double Knitting yarn.

4mm crochet hook.

2 Open style stitch markers (or a small scrap of spare yarn can be used instead).

Wool needle.


An eating dining (eating) fork is also used to make the pom-pom.

I hope you enjoy the video and making your egg cosies. happy crocheting and all the best.

Wendy 😃 🧶

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