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How to Crochet a Corner to Corner Rectangle

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked, is how to adapt "Corner to Corner" crochet to make a rectangular shape for a blanket? So I decided it would be a good idea to share my method of doing this and create a YouTube tutorial.

You can make this rectangle to any size and use any weight yarn as long as you're using the correlating size crochet hook. I used (UK weight) acrylic Double Knitting yarn along with a 4mm hook, for both my sample piece and blanket. But you could just as easily use a 5.5mm hook with (UK weight) Aran Wool, or a 6.5mm hook with a Standard (UK) Chunky Yarn.

The yarn I used for the blanket was an acrylic double knitting yarn made by Robin, which is now discontinued. However good alternatives for acrylic double knitting yarns with a large selection of colours would include Stylecraft Special DK (which I used for the sample size used in the video), Hayfield Bonus DK and Cygnet Every Day Value DK.

Just click on the photos below to take you directly to the right and left handed version of the video.

Making a rectangular piece of Corner to Corner crochet is a usually something someone wants to do after they've learnt the initial basics of Corner to Corner and made the traditional square shape. So if you're new to Corner to Corner crochet, or need a refresher, I'll put the links for my basic technique videos at the bottom of this post for you to refer too.

In the description notes of my YouTube Video Tutorial, you'll find the individual timing points for each section. So once you've made a start on your project, you can stop the video at any point and then easily find the correct section to come back to at a later date, for the next stage.

I always suggest that when learning this technique you use a minimum of two colours and work stripes with two rows in one colour and then changing to a different shade. This is because it makes it easier for you to see that your working into exactly the right chain space, especially at the end of the rows. Once you're confident with working your Corner to Corner crochet, you can still use the videos to make a plain Corner to Corner rectangle and just omit the colour changes.

The video tutorial for the border on the blanket shown here can be adapted to any size and will also be uploaded and live on my YouTube channel by Monday 8th November 2021 along with the written instructions.

Don't forget you can click on the images below to take you directly to my basic Corner to Corner Tutorials, where I'll show you step-by-step my foolproof method of how to start off and learn how to crochet this technique.

So for now, happy crocheting and I hope you enjoy making your Corner to Corner crochet!

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